Mercedes Tire Rotation

Mercedes-Benz Tire Rotation Information

When done at the recommended intervals, tire rotation can preserve the balance, handling and traction and even out the wear on your tires.

Tire rotation may also provide performance advantages. Many tire mileage warranties require tire rotation to keep the warranty valid.

When should tires be rotated?

JSG Automotive recommends that tires be rotated every 3,000 to 5,000 miles even if they don't show signs of wear. Tire rotation can often be done with an oil change.
Depending on your tire wear and how your vehicle is riding, this may also be a good time to have your tires rebalanced, especially if you having any vibration issues.
Vibration of the tires occur when your tires are out of balance, this cause your tires to wear out fater and creates additional stress to be placed on your on your suspension.

Tire Rotation Pattern

Four 4 Tire Rotation

The Tire & Rim Association has identified three rotation patterns covering most vehicles that are equipped with non-directional tires and wheels which are the same size and offset.

  • Front-wheel drive vehicles, rotate the tires in an X patternin or as and alternative a forward cross pattern.
  • Rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles, rotate the tires in a rear-ward cross pattern or an alternative X pattern.
Two additional tire rotation patterns are needed for performance tires.

  • A Front To Rear pattern can be used for vehicles equipped with the same size directional wheels and/or tires.
  • Side-to-Side pattern may be used for vehicles equipped with different sized non-directional tires and wheels on the front axle compared to the rear axle.

Four 5 Tire Rotation

Most new vehicles come equipped with a temporary spare tire that cannot be included in a tire rotation because the tire is usually just that a temporary spare, and is not of the same make, model or directional as the normal tires. But if if the vehicle’s spare tire matches other tires on the vehicle it should be included in the tire rotation pattern. Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended for tire rotation procedures.